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Wheelchair accessible vehicles for sale

At Integrity Car Sales and Rentals, we have a diverse range of wheelchair accessible cars and vehicles for sale.

Our modified vehicles advertised for sale are converted or manufactured specifically for disability access in mind. Fortunately, disability access vehicles don't have to cost a fortune at Integrity.

All our cars have Engineers Certificate and comply with the Australian Design Rules and will definitely help you regain your freedom.

Our reputable range of vehicles have an affordable price tag. Choose from different wheelchair access vans and van customisations:

  • Private and commercial use
  • Available for sale here in Australia
  • New and used existing vehicles for wheelchair car access
  • Sloping mechanism
  • Swivel chair
  • Front seat or back seat passenger options available
  • Multiple disabled access options available, i.e. two wheelchair positions available
  • Freedom to choose what is best for you

Before choosing a car, there is one important thing you need to know:



Measure the person while seated in their wheelchair. You will need to measure height (from the floor to the top of their head or head rest), length and width of the chair.

Within the car descriptions below you will find the interior w/c measurements. This way you can ensure the wheelchair car is the right one for you.

Remember - feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.


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Stock # 942
This is a 5 speed manual 2006 Toyota Coaster that has been modified with a side rear Tramanco wheelchair hoist and can fit 5 wheelchairs plus 10 fixed seats including the driver. The Tramanco hoist has a weight limit of 340 kg and entrance height of 139 cm and the internal height inside the bus is 182 cm. This Coaster would be perfect for a retirement village or a community group to transfer residents to appointments or out on day trips and excursions. With a little remodelling it would also make an excellent accessible mobile home!

About the Toyota Coaster

The Toyota Coaster is a single deck mini bus. It was created by Toyota in 1969 and has undergone many transformations since. This is a third generation model which has a more aerodynamic shape than the original and wrap around windows for excellent passenger visibility. They have been popular worldwide as a reliable, comfortable, passenger mini bus.

This vehicle has an intercom system, radio CD player and cassette tape. It has interior front and rear lighting, and an air conditioning system which operates through 15 double air vents which can be individually controlled. It has a 24 Vault cigarette lighter, emergency exit equipment and reverse camera.

It has a remote which operates the side passenger door. The wheelchair access is at the left rear door through which the Tramanco hoist exits and enters. This means the wheelchair and passenger can be safely picked up from the side walk. There are two doors at the rear with an exterior nudge bar underneath so not a problem damaging the Coaster when reversing!

Wheelchair Features

As mentioned above there are spots for 5 wheelchairs to be carried at the same time. 3 positions in the middle of the vehicle and 2 more positions in the rear. See the photos above which show this configuration. The wheelchairs are fastened front and back to the floor by QRT Tramanco Connectors which slide into 'L Tracks' bolted onto the floor. Each Connector has individual Tramanco belt systems which safely hold the passenger to their wheelchair.

The hoist is a Braun/Tramanco Model L925FIVTC. It was manufactured in 2002 and has complete service records. Surprisingly this Coaster has travelled just 65,000 verified km.

Vehicle Dimensions

Length 620 – 772 cm | Width 200 cm | Height 260 cm

Engine, Economy and Reliability

This Coaster has a Hino NO4C truck engine which is pretty much bullet proof. It is a 4L Diesel non turbo engine so it can be a little slower than the turbo version but more reliable. As an absolute bonus it has a Diesel Particular Filter burn off switch which means you can clean and regenerate the engine while it is idling. You can use this vehicle in the city and not be concerned about taking the vehicle on a long trip or to the motorway to clean the diesel filter.

Warranty Options and After Sales Support

All our quality wheelchair vehicles come standard with a 3 month 5,000km warranty. Extended warranties of 1,3 or 5 years are available upon request.

Buying your wheelchair access vehicle from Integrity is not the end of the journey. No matter what questions you have now, or down the road, we’re always here to help.

We are more than happy to assist you in finding the right vehicle to suit your needs so please feel free to contact us with any question about this or any other vehicle on our website or for a no obligations test drive. You won’t be disappointed.

We deliver Australia wide.

Opening hours Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.
Appointments are available on the weekends - 1300 935 222.
Colour: White
Odometer: 69,000km
Body: Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle
Video Available
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