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Trying to write a testimonial that expresses the exceptional service and care we experienced with Integrity Car Sales and Rental is almost impossible.

Every glowing word you read or hear about this company is true. Dealing with them truly does feel like family.

The whole team works hard towards changing lives for the better. All we can really say is they are unbelievable in their wonderful attitude and work.

Thank you guys from Lisa and Michael


From the time we first met Justin and his wife Angie we were impressed with their knowledge, their attitude and their approach but most of all their accessibility, nothing was too much trouble, they worked incredibly hard throughout the deal communicating with us on a daily basis.

Their advice regarding our purchase of the vehicle which was styled to suit the needs of our son with a disability and a price which was affordable to us was greatly appreciated.

We have no hesitation in recommending their services to our friends.

Don & Helen Hunt

Recently I assisted a client of mine to purchase a Toyota Alphard from Integrity Car Sales and Rental.

My client has a close acquaintance who is suffering from terminal cancer and is wheelchair bound. There is a need for her to be able to attend medical appointments regularly and to also to travel to Adelaide for adjustments to her medical attachments.

As they are situated in a country town approximately 330km from the city and her medical specialist it occurred to my client she could assist by purchasing a suitable vehicle and requested my assistance to research and find an appropriate vehicle to cater for travel whilst in the Wheelchair.

After some phone calls to a variety of businesses, one very helpful chap in Adelaide suggested I get in touch with “Integrity Car Sales and Rental” in Sydney.

I phoned and spoke to Justin who was fantastic, he immediately understood both the need as well as the medical situation.

He recommended a Toyota Alphard to fit the need, pointed out the opportunity to view it on the website and how we could manage a purchase from approximately 1400km away.

With all considered, my client decided to go ahead and then came the question, how do we get the vehicle to South Australia?

Justin arranged (with his friend Pedro) for transport direct to our country SA town. Delivered as promised even with the Covid restraints.

The Alphard has met all my clients wishes, therefor I highly commend Justin and his team at Integrity Car Sales as well as Stephanie who attended to the necessary business details.

Thankyou Justin for your no-nonsense approach, I felt I made a very trusted friend.

“Happy Client & Adviser”

Video transcript:

"Thanks Justin and Integrity Car Sales and Rentals.

Appreciate the support and the generosity in providing the vehicle and I look forward to working with you in the coming up future."

Richard Tombs

Former Wallaby - Australian international rugby union team

Founder of Guns Out Spinal Foundation

My family and I first met Justin and his Team from Integrity Car Sales and Rentals in 2016. At that time I was most impressed with Justin’s general knowledge of medical issues, his compassionate understanding of our circumstances and his practical ability to find the best wheelchair vehicle to suit my father’s needs.

My father was in Bowral new to a nursing home and my mother would be the driver of the vehicle. In no time, a Toyota Alphard was brought to Bowral for my parents to trial. They enjoyed peace of mind and independence with this excellent vehicle. My father could enjoy family outings and they could travel easily to Sydney for medical appointments.

In 2021, just after my father passed away, Justin very kindly helped us with the advertising to successfully resell this specialty vehicle.

Justin has always been most accommodating and supportive of our needs. He has been available to answer queries by phone. Nothing seemed to be of too much trouble for Justin and his Team, and things have been dealt with in a timely manner.

Thank you to all at Integrity for the kindness, professionalism and practical assistance you have provided my family.

I have no hesitation in recommending Integrity Car Sales and Rentals as a caring and reputable business.

Katrina Cramp (the Bourne family)

Recently, my wife Carol and I purchased a Toyota Alphard from Integrity. This purchase was entirely “sight unseen” – well apart from the photos in the advertisement. We live in Adelaide and the vehicle was with Integrity in Sydney.

Both Carol and I tend to be conservative in our purchasing and try very hard to minimize any risk in making a purchase, especially if the item is priced in the mid $30K bracket.

So why did we require such a vehicle and why did we take the risk of purchasing a vehicle without viewing or test driving the vehicle prior to parting with our hard earned cash?

Difficult question – easy answer!

I rang Justin at Integrity one Thursday night at about closing time. A very personable male voice explained that he was expecting a call and could I please ring him back later. So about an hour later I rang the number again – thinking that on a Thursday evening at about 7.30pm I had very little chance of getting my call answered.

Wrong again! Justin answered and showed a high level of interest in our plight having enquired why we sought such a vehicle. When I explained that my wife was suffering the debilitating physical consequences of having been afflicted with Multiple Systems Atrophy, I was surprised to discover that Justin knew as much or more than I did about the disease.

I explained that we had basically become prisoners in our own home relying on an under resourced system of Access Cabs to attend any event or function outside walking distance from our home.

Instantly I had an ally and advisor. It was like having a mate helping decide on a suitable vehicle. Nothing I asked of my newly found “mate” ever seemed too much to ask. Justin organized for me to borrow an Alphard from a branch of the company based in the Adelaide Hills. We had the vehicle for two full days to judge its suitability for our needs.

We were highly impressed and contacted Justin to make arrangements to have the vehicle delivered to our door. It arrived precisely on time having been transported from Sydney by truck.

We were highly impressed with the condition and cleanliness of the vehicle. The vehicle drives very nicely, economy is quite acceptable and most importantly, we have a way of travelling securely and safely in comfort.

Justin assisted in every way possible and so did the other members of staff who had to deal with my tardiness in replying to requests for details and signatures. The entire team was always helpful and understanding. It was an absolute pleasure doing business with people who were such polished professionals.


for Carol & Ian Schedlich

South Australia

My name is Graeme and I was looking for a vehicle for a friend Hayley. She is wheelchair bound and relies on carers for all of her needs. I contacted Integrity after seeing a vehicle online. I found the staff at Integrity extremely knowledgeable and helpful, as this wasn't and area I have had any experience with. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Graeme Ritchie


My name is Peter Rinaldi and I live in Tura Beach, a suburb of Merimbula. I was in the market to buy a Wheelchair Accessible vehicle for my wife and after searching a multitude of sites, I saw a car listed at the Integrity Car Sales and Rentals website and I knew I had to have it. It was a 2004 Toyota Noah in Blood Red and for its ages seemed to be in great condition. I sent a request in after hours and then left a message on their answering service the next morning. Within minutes the owner Justin, called me.

To try and condense this, everyone I spoke to was incredibly helpful and nothing was too much trouble. The car wasn’t “great” it was “fantasmagorical” looking like it just left the factory inside and out. In fact two people commented that I had bought a brand new car and were shocked when I told them it was a 2004 model. I am over the moon with my purchase and I simply cannot overstate the level of assistance and integrity of Justin and his employees.

Peter Rinaldi

To the team at Integrity Car Sales, We have some time with the Alphard now and are delighted with how it is performing. Overall we have been impressed with the efficiency and professionalism of the team there. From the first contact and questions answers have been prompt and helpful. Our thanks to Jason, Stephany and Sean. We are looking forward to making full use of the “new” cars capabilities. Cheers

Col and Robyn Escott

Hi Justin & Angie, along with Ben, Stephany and Jason too, We wanted to quickly write and thank you all personally for all your help over the last 6 months or so. Not only have you been helpful, you have gone above and beyond in supporting us through this time of selecting, trialing and purchasing a new wheelchair vehicle for our daughter & larger family. You were true to your word at every turn embodying your name "Integrity" and throughout were compassionate, caring and flexible, at a time of great stress for us with a major surgery for our daughter. Thank you for your understanding and trust as we worked together through the very uncertain NDIA process which was finally successful. I want you to know that we as a family have appreciated all you have done very much, it meant the continued ability to transport our family together both throughout the surgery and into the future, allowing us to include Bethany in all our activities and outings. Thank-you again!

Evan and Jo, with Bethany, Timothy, Kezia and Matthew.