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The Benefits of buying a Japanese Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

If you’ve been looking for a car and found yourself here, you’ve probably noticed that there’s a range of wheelchair accessible vehicles for sale in Sydney and around Australia - some more practical and reliable than others. The decision to purchase a disability car to improve mobility and freedom i [...]

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Why we install Q-Straints in all of our Disability Vehicles

Whether you are using a wheelchair or not, I think we can all agree that safety is a major concern for most people when it comes to travelling on the road. But when you are travelling in a wheelchair - or have a passenger that is - peace of mind can only come with knowing that that both the wheelcha [...]

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Imported Wheelchair Accessible Vans vs Australian modified Wheelchair vans?

This topic is perhaps one of the least understood and most often misaligned. But, as always, the facts are the facts…..and irrefutable. The simplest analogy to understand a rather technical issue is this Imagine you bought a second hand complete kitchen to install in your house. Now obviously th [...]

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