Wheelchair accessible vehicles for sale

At Integrity Car Sales and Rentals, we have a diverse range of wheelchair accessible cars and vehicles for sale.

Our modified vehicles advertised for sale are converted or manufactured specifically for disability access in mind. Fortunately, disability access vehicles don't have to cost a fortune at Integrity.

Our reputable range of vehicles have an affordable price tag. Choose from different wheelchair access vans and van customisations:

  • Private and commercial use
  • Available for sale here in Australia
  • New and used existing vehicles for wheelchair car access
  • Sloping mechanism
  • Swivel chair
  • Front seat or back seat passenger options available
  • Multiple disabled access options available, i.e. two wheelchair positions available

Before choosing a car, there are two important things you need to know:

1. Measurements:


Measure the person while seated in their wheelchair. You will need to measure height (from the floor to the top of their head or head rest), length and width of the chair.

Within the car descriptions below you will find the interior w/c measurements. This way you can ensure the car is the right one for you.

Remember - feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.


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2008 Toyota Porte

Stock # 593
Regain your freedom and independence with this extremely unique SELF DRIVE Porte. We now have 2 in stock as they are a pretty rare to find. If freedom to drive again is what you want then you can achieve that with this extraordinary car.

Toyota factory engineers have developed this car with an OEM - Original Equipment Manufactured disability hand control driving system and driver’s power wheelchair. Please see the video and photos above as in this case - seeing is believing! You can use regular foot pedals also as per a standard car.

Almost as a bonus to this one of a kind self drive car it also happens to have just 4031 km on the clock so presents as new with a lovely silver exterior and beige interior.

About This Car

The Toyota Porte has quickly become our most popular compact wheelchair access car. The engineering in the Porte is incredible – this self drive - even more so.

What’s really cool is the large sliding door on the passenger side. It makes transferring in and out of the car a breeze. Add to that the compact size, great overall visibility, ease of use and excellent economy, it’s an excellent choice. It’s the perfect size for up to 2 passengers plus the person in a wheelchair.

Wheelchair Accessible Feature

Without exception, clients are amazed the first time they witness the incredible engineering of the Toyota Porte – and this one is even more exceptional.

This car has an OEM power wheelchair fitted into the drivers seat. At the push of a button the driver’s seat moves into the correct position which then enables it to move sideways towards the passenger door. The chair then rotates 90 degrees so that it now faces outside. The arm then lowers the chair to the ground.

The wheelchair passenger can detach from the ‘arm’ on which it sits by using the toggle on the arm of the power chair to move forward. The chair is powered by a battery source at the back of the chair. This battery enables the chair to travel an incredible 4.5km. That gives you more than enough power to head to the mall, to the beach, or as many of our clients have told us – a car like one of these has allowed them to go back to work.

When re-entering the car, the wheelchair is simply positioned onto the extended electric arm which then raises the wheelchair back into the car. turns 90 degrees to return the chair to the correct position and enable it to slide back to the drivers position again.

Wheelchair & Car Dimensions

The powered passenger door opens to a remarkable 1165mm tall and 1020mm wide making it an excellent size for a wheelchair. Until we saw our first Toyota Porte we couldn’t believe how much access you genuinely get with this intelligently designed sliding door.

There is a staggering overall internal height of 1380mm. This is due to the cleverly designed flat floor and higher roofline for the factory wheelchair access versions.

Overall Vehicle Dimensions Height: 1720mm Length: 3990mm Width: 1690mm

There is a very handy boot space and the rear seats can easily fold down to provide even more space if required.

Toyota Porte Engine and Economy

This Porte has a reliable 1.3 Litre 4 Cylinder 1NZ-FE engine. For the frugal ones among you this car operates at around 20.6 km/L Arguably the most fuel efficient wheelchair access car on the market today.

We have Australia's biggest range of Toyota Porte’s and Spade's available for inspection and test drive so please feel free to pop down and check out this fantastic wheelchair car for yourself. We are always more than happy to help find the right car for you.

Warranty Options & After Sales Support

All our quality wheelchair vehicles come standard with a 3 month 5,000km warranty. Extended warranties of 1,3 or 5 years are available upon request and Australia wide delivery.

Appointments always available 7 days a week. Call us on 0408 204 425

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Colour: Silver
Odometer: 4,031km
Body: Wheelchair Vehicle
Video Available
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