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The Benefits of buying a Japanese Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

If you’ve been looking for a car and found yourself here, you’ve probably noticed that there’s a range of wheelchair accessible vehicles for sale in Sydney and around Australia - some more practical and reliable than others. The decision to purchase a disability car to improve mobility and freedom i [...]

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Why we install Q-Straints in all of our Disability Vehicles

Whether you are using a wheelchair or not, I think we can all agree that safety is a major concern for most people when it comes to travelling on the road. But when you are travelling in a wheelchair - or have a passenger that is - peace of mind can only come with knowing that that both the wheelcha [...]

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3 Common mistakes When Buying A Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

We’ve provided wheelchair vans for every disability. Today we’ll discuss what assumptions and mistakes people make when buying a wheelchair van. This is anecdotal from customers as well as from our own extensive experience providing these solutions. 1. Not understanding what they really need in [...]

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