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Finding the right disability vehicle can be a daunting procedure.

Here at Integrity we can make it easier for you to regain your freedom since we have a large fleet of wheelchair accessible vehicles with different sizes and configurations.

You can be at ease knowing that when you come to us you can try all the different types of wheelchair vehicles that are available in the market in just one place.

The most important piece of information we will need from you, in order to find the right vehicle for you is the height of the person while seated in the wheelchair from the ground to the top of their head. The width and length of the wheelchair are also very important. This information will ascertain exactly what vehicles we can narrow your search to.

Other important things to consider are:

  • How many passengers will be traveling with you?
  • Would you like to drive or will you be driven?
  • Do you prefer to be in the front, middle or in the rear of the car?
  • Do you need a vehicle to use locally or do you want to take long trips?


Our goal is to help you find the best disability car for your needs so even if you don’t choose one of our vehicles you will have the peace of mind of knowing exactly what you should be looking for.

Here at Integrity we have vehicles constantly arriving and being sold. Often vehicles are sold before we have a chance to place them on our website so it is a good idea to call and have a chat to our buyers if you have any query on a car or if there is something special that you’re looking for.

We mostly sell Toyota and Nissan Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles. They are all built in factory which means the interior fit out and suspension of the vehicle is designed specifically for a person in a wheelchair.

Our main sellers are: Toyota Hiace, Alphard, Noah, Voxy and Porte. Nissan Serena and NV200. Check out the Tab above under ‘BUY’ and you will find a good mix of all these vehicles.

Sometimes we get locally converted vehicles as trade ins also so feel free to give us a call and we will do the best we can to assist you in finding the right disability vehicle for you.


As Integrity is an NDIS Service Provider, we can work with Agency Managed, Plan Managed, and Self-Managed Participants directly, or through their Representatives. Contrary to what many NDIS Participants are told, a Participant does not need to obtain permission in advance to rent a vehicle. The only requirements are that the participant has adequate unallocated funding in the right categories, and that he/she has a bona fide need for a disability vehicle.

Of course, if the Participant is going in to a Plan Review, he or she can always request an allocation for vehicle rentals for his/her next Plan. When NDIS Planners are preparing Plan budgets, they often what to have explanations as to why a service is needed. We can help you with that, when it comes to vehicle rentals. To have a no-obligation discussion about how you can prepare for a Plan Review, please contact our NDIS Consultant to set up a time for a call.

At present, our ‘Sale Cars’ are located in Brookvale (Sydney) location, however we sell cars throughout Australia. If you would like to test drive a vehicle, and cannot easily make it to Sydney, we have a growing network of rental locations where you are able to get a feel for the types of vehicles we sell. As cars are often offsite on rentals, it is imperative that you make an appointment, for a time that we know that vehicle you are keen to see, will be on our lot.

While there might be a few isolated instances where the NDIS has purchased a vehicle for an NDIS Participant, that would be a highly unusual situation. In the majority of cases, the NDIS will assist with funding for a vehicle. As a rule, the NDIS will pay only for the cost of any disability required modifications, whilst the Participant must purchase the vehicle.

The NDIS provides a guideline that vehicle eligible for Vehicle Modifications funding must be five years old or younger, and that they have been driven less than 80,000 kilometres. With that said these are guidelines only. At Integrity, we have guided our clients through the rather complex Vehicle Modifications process, and helped them get older, and higher kilometre vehicles over the line. To learn more about what is possible in terms of obtaining NDIS funding for a vehicle purchase, please contact our NDIS Consultant to set up a time for a call.

Besides working with our NDIS experts, an advantage of purchasing a vehicle from Integrity, is that most of our vehicles have already been modified. It is not necessary to purchase a vehicle, get in a conversion queue, and then wait for the after-market, bolt-on modifications to be installed – an exhausting process that can take months! The wheelchair lifts and passenger safety features in the majority of our vehicles were integrated-in at the time they were manufactured. So not only will the wheelchair occupant enjoy a safe and secure ride in a vehicle with excellent suspension, the vehicle purchaser will have full functional access from the date of purchase.