Wheelchair accessible vehicles for sale

At Integrity Car Sales and Rentals, we have a diverse range of wheelchair accessible cars and vehicles for sale.

Our modified vehicles advertised for sale are converted or manufactured specifically for disability access in mind. Fortunately, disability access vehicles don't have to cost a fortune at Integrity.

Our reputable range of vehicles have an affordable price tag. Choose from different wheelchair access vans and van customisations:

  • Private and commercial use
  • Available for sale here in Australia
  • New and used existing vehicles for wheelchair car access
  • Sloping mechanism
  • Swivel chair
  • Front seat or back seat passenger options available
  • Multiple disabled access options available, i.e. two wheelchair positions available

Before choosing a car, there are two important things you need to know:

1. Measurements:


Measure the person while seated in their wheelchair. You will need to measure height (from the floor to the top of their head or head rest), length and width of the chair.

Within the car descriptions below you will find the interior w/c measurements. This way you can ensure the car is the right one for you.

Remember - feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.


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2009 Nissan Serena

Stock # 801
This 2009 Nissan Serena Lifecare wheelchair accessible vehicle is great value for a mobility vehicle with remote operated wheelchair hoist and restraints made in the Nissan factory in Japan by Nissan's top engineers. Nissan are very reliable and buying a Nissan Lifecare wheelchair vehicle is always gonna be cheaper and easier than waiting for a local car conversion company. The wheelchair hoist has a weight limit of 170 kg so this is perfect for a child in a small push chair or for somebody that can transfer into the car but still needs to transport a wheelchair . The entrance height is 1150 mm and once inside the cabin height is 1300 mm with a width of 720 mm on the hoist and length of 960 mm.

The Nissan Serena was the best selling minivan in Japan in 2007, 2008 and 2009 and its easy to see why. This Serena has a unique power wheelchair hoist that is operated by remote. When lowered the wheelchair passenger rolls on to the platform and is secured in by the restraints and seat belts and then lifted in to the rear of the van. It has 4 fixed seats and the wheelchair position is in the rear.

All the wheelchair features in this van were all made by Autech in collaboration with Nissan. It is our belief that they are a far superior vehicle for the wheelchair passenger than after market modified cars and vans simply because the whole car was created from the beginning to carry a wheelchair passenger. The engine was designed to carry the weight of a wheelchair plus passenger in the rear and the suspension was designed specifically with the wheelchair passenger in mind.

Our customers are always impressed and surprised by the simplicity of these vehicles and always leave happy with their new car.
Please feel fee to contact us with any questions about this van or any others on the website we are always happy to help. We also offer Australia wide delivery. Please call us on (02) 99811884 or 0408 204 425 to come check out this vehicle or any others on our site.

Appointments always available 7 days a week. Call us on 0408 204 425

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Colour: Silver
Odometer: 20,415km
Body: Wheelchair Vehicle
Video Available

2011 Nissan NV200

Stock # 778
Released by Nissan in 2009 and winning International Van of the Year in 2010. This new look NV200 has so much to offer: It seats 2 + 2 +1 and wheelchair. A large and functional interior space with options to easily remove features like seats and grab rails depending on what you need. A stunning white metallic exterior with black trim and a stylish modern shape. (I suggest you take a look at the photos above). Added to this it has travelled a mere 77,500 km but most importantly it is obvious that it has been regularly serviced and well looked after.

I know style isn’t everything but the Nissan designers do a pretty good job of the NV200. The exterior shape is pleasing and fits into any car park. The interior has patterned beige cloth seats that match nicely with black floor carpets, black, beige and silver dash and the steering wheel. They also boast handy orange handrails to aid transfer in and out of the vehicle for everyone. as mentioned above these can be kept or removed as needed.

All this value in a car for a price that is less than the price of a local after market ramp – amazing but true!

Nissan NV200 Wheelchair Feature

The Vanette Life Care is a specialized version of NV200 Vanette with a wheelchair entrance at the rear. The Nissan engineers have created a simple and effective design where a wheelchair can be easily and safely loaded into what is essentially a small van.

These specialised vans are all custom made so they have different wheelchair accessibility features. This one has room in the rear to fit 1 wheelchair with a carers seat beside, 3 seats in the middle row and 2 in the front. The middle seats are bolted to the floor and can easily be removed if they are not needed. This gives the added option of a much larger space for the wheelchair occupant to use if needed.

The rear ramp is light weight and aluminium which is manually pulled out and lowered to the ground. The wheelchair space has 2 front retractable belts, 2 rear electric cables and 2 extra Oval pockets to which Q Straints can be fixed if needed. Take a look at the video above to see how all these features work.

Being a van they have plenty of interior room for passengers to move within. This is absolutely a plus for a wheelchair access vehicle especially if you’re travelling and need extra room for all the bits and bobs you my need to travel with.

Our clients often say its important for them to be able to see through the windows of a car easily - these vans have excellent vision for all within. Our clients have also expressed their surprise when discovering how easy the NV200 is to drive – the joy of powered steering means the van drives like a small car but with all the added space, versatility, visibility and comfort of a larger car that’s actually not that much bigger than a sedan (check out car measurements below)

Nissan NV200 Wheelchair & Car Dimensions

Approximate interior dimensions of the wheelchair:
Height: 135 -140 cm
Length: 107 cm.
Width: 66 cm.

Overall Vehicle Dimensions:
Height: 183 cm
Length: 440 cm
Width: 169 cm.

Nissan NV200 Engine Economy & Reliability

A 1.6L 4 Cylinder HR16DE petrol engine which according to Nissan travels approx. 14 km per litre which is good value motoring.

Toyota and Nissan engines are world renowned for their longevity and reliability which is why they are the main brands we now stock. As long as their car engines are well serviced they are built to travel between 500,000 to 750,000 km with ease. We’ve even seen a clients Toyota with 1,000,000 km on the clock and the car was retired to a farm but still going strong!

Buying a car from us is not the end of the journey. We recognise that you will feel more at ease if you need any help with the car you have purchased from us so please feel free to call us with ANY question or post sales support you might need.

Appointments always available 7 days a week. Call us on 0408 204 425

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Colour: White
Odometer: 73,710km
Body: Wheelchair Vehicle
Video Available

2005 Nissan Serena

Stock # 754
The Nissan Serena was the best selling minivan in Japan in 2007, 2008 and 2009 and its easy to see why. This 2005 Serena Lifecare vehicle has 1 wheelchair spot in the middle row. This van is a sloper meaning the ramp at the back folds out by remote and lowers by hydraulics to 11 degrees to help the wheelchair or scooter occupant get in the in the van much easier.

This Serena drives very smooth that its easy to forget that its a wheelchair accessible van. Its a 5 door van with 6 fixed seats he rear row of seats folds away when not in use and the two wheelchair spots with restraints for the wheelchairs that are controlled by remote that are very simple to use.

All the wheelchair features in this van were all made in the Nissan factory in Japan that make this a far superior vehicle for the wheelchair passenger than the modified cars and vans produced here in Australia due to this van being designed and made in the Nissan factory to be a wheelchair van not a regular car cut in half and then modified to be a wheelchair car.

We have delivered and supplied many mobility and wheelchair access cars to care groups and nursing homes all over the country and also to families and hospitals and specialist facilities all over.

Pricing of our factory built Japanese Toyota and Nissan wheelchair vehicles is always lower than the European brands and also lower than the locally modified vans available here. Much more research and development has been done on the factory built vehicles. As well we supply vehicles that are cheaper to run and maintain.

We have Australia's biggest selection in Nissan & Toyota wheelchair & mobility vehicles (Welcab) with over 50 cars & vans on sight. We are here to help find the right vehicle for you and are available 7 days by appointment so please feel free to contact us for an inspection or no obligation test drive of one of our great cars.

Appointments always available 7 days a week. Call us on 0408 204 425

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Colour: Silver
Odometer: 62,049km
Body: Wheelchair Vehicle
Video Available
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