Wheelchair accessible vehicles for sale

At Integrity Car Sales and Rentals, we have a diverse range of wheelchair accessible cars and vehicles for sale.

Our modified vehicles advertised for sale are converted or manufactured specifically for disability access in mind. Fortunately, disability access vehicles don't have to cost a fortune at Integrity.

All our cars have Engineers Certificate and comply with the Australian Design Rules and will definitely help you regain your freedom.

Our reputable range of vehicles have an affordable price tag. Choose from different wheelchair access vans and van customisations:

  • Private and commercial use
  • Available for sale here in Australia
  • New and used existing vehicles for wheelchair car access
  • Sloping mechanism
  • Swivel chair
  • Front seat or back seat passenger options available
  • Multiple disabled access options available, i.e. two wheelchair positions available
  • Freedom to choose what is best for you

Before choosing a car, there is one important thing you need to know:



Measure the person while seated in their wheelchair. You will need to measure height (from the floor to the top of their head or head rest), length and width of the chair.

Within the car descriptions below you will find the interior w/c measurements. This way you can ensure the wheelchair car is the right one for you.

Remember - feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.


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Stock # 983
The quintessential family car – the Elgrand is one of the quietest and smoothest rides you will ever experience. The accessibilty feature designed in factory by Autech is a well built and sturdy front passenger power transfer car seat which is easy to lower out of the car to make getting in and out of the car easier. This Elgrand would suit a family that has a family member that has trouble walking that could use the transfer seat to make life easier and the Elgrand has plenty of room for a walker.

With just 125,701 km verified km on the clock this car looks and drives as new with a price tag that’s hard to beat especially when you factor in that it has a top of the range accessibility feature. The black pearl paint is very funky and has that chameleon paint colour look it changes colour in the light.

A big plus to having a front passenger side transfer seat as your disability feature in a car is that if in the future there may be a time when the feature is no longer needed it simply becomes one of the normal car seats. It is a mobility vehicle that can be used as one or not depending on the needs of the family.

About the Nissan Elgrand

The Elgrand is a full size luxury MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle). This one is a second generation with a new sporty looking front shape and chromed grille. Dubbed ‘king of the van’ in Japan these cars were built for the celebrity market thus they boast a massive interior space with versatile and ultra comfortable large seats and lots of head room. The rear seats easily stow away so you simply use the seats you need. Whether you stow the rear seats or not there is still loads of room to pack anything you may need for that road trip – even the kitchen sink could go!

Clients love that they can walk through from the second row to the rear. We drove one for a while and my kids nicknamed it ‘the airplane car’. There is plenty of room for kids to have their own space which (lets face it) is always a plus whether on a long drive or just a short trip up the road.

Aside from the luxury drive the Elgrand has a lot of extras; all power features, dual air conditioning, a power door, snow setting, aluminium alloy wheels, ABS brakes, airbags, a Kenwood stereo with reverse camera, and like all our cars it has been fully complied to Australian Design Regulations. This includes servicing, new tyres, air filter, oil & brake fluids, child restraints, catalytic converters and an English manual explaining all you need to know to take good care of your car.

Overall vehicle Dimensions.

Easy to park and drive, you get all the bonuses of a stylish van but you can still go into undercover parking.

Height: 1,920 mm Length: 4,835 mm Width: 1,795 mm

Nissan Elgrand Wheelchair Feature

The front passenger transfer chair which sits upon an electric arm. The chair swivels around till it faces the door and then at the push of a button you can lower the chair out of the door and just above ground level. The transfer chair has a weight limit of 100 kg.

Nissan Elgrand Engine, Economy and Reliability.

You get plenty of grip and power from the 3.5 L V6 engine and as mentioned earlier the motor is wonderfully quiet. The fuel consumption is around 14-15 litres per 100 km around town which is pretty good considering it is a 2 tonne vehicle. Clients say saving money in fuel depends entirely on how smoothly you drive. On the highway they perform around 10 – 11 litres per 100km so clearly like the Alphard they were built for a road trip.

Toyota and Nissan both enjoy the reputation of being one of the finest makers of cars today and locating parts if needed is not a problem in Austraia.

Warranty Options

All our quality wheelchair vehicles come standard with a 3 month 5,000km warranty. Extended warranties of 1,3 or 5 years are available upon request. Buying your wheelchair access vehicle from Integrity is not the end of the journey. No matter what questions you have now, or down the road, we’re always here to help. Call us on (02) 9981 1884 or 0408 204 425 about this wheelchair vehicle or any others we have online.

Opening hours Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.
Appointments are available on the weekends - 1300 935 222.
Colour: Black Pearl
Odometer: 125,701km
Body: Mobility Vehicle
Video Available


Stock # 921
This 2012 Nissan Serena Lifecare wheelchair accessible vehicle has a remote operated rear hoist with 3 seats in the center and 2 in front. It is great value for a mobility vehicle. The wheelchair hoist and restraints are made in the Nissan factory by Nissan's engineers. Their vehicles enjoy a reputation of being reliable and functional.

About this Car

The Nissan Serena was the best-selling minivan in Japan in 2007, 2008 and 2009 and it’s easy to see why. The Serena began production in 1991 and this 2012 model is its 4th generation. Check out the photos and video above and you'll see that it has a smooth modern exterior with all the benefits of a minivan; tons of interior space but without the boxy look. The large rectangular windows give excellent lighting in the cabin and a wide view of the road for all passengers. The long rear tail lights add to the modern aesthetics giving it quite a sleek look.

There is plenty of legroom and all seats are adjustable. Electric sliding doors on each side make embarking and disembarking particularly easy for passengers. There are cup holders and door panel storage, a glove box, center box and cup holders for everyone.

Wheelchair Features

All the wheelchair features in the Serena were engineered by Autech in collaboration with Nissan.
In Japan clients choose the accessibility feature they require and the vehicle is built which is why all our Serena's are unique.

This vehicle has a rear power wheelchair hoist which is operated by corded remote. When lowered the wheelchair passenger rolls on to the platform and is secured by Q straints. The lift is both simple to use and reduces strain on a carer. The carer can choose to engage the electric lift to waist height and connect and release restraints from this position rather than from the ground. The wheelchair person has a lap sash which is connected onto the hoist platform and a shoulder strap which is put on once the w/c person is inside the vehicle.

The wheelchair hoist has a weight limit of 170 kg so this is perfect for a child in a smaller wheelchair or for someone who can transfer into the car but still needs to transport a wheelchair and the carer can easily do this without bending or lifting. There are plenty of high quality safety rails in the second row for passengers if needed. Feedback from clients is that the suspension for the wheelchair passenger is excellent because it was designed specifically with them in mind.

Wheelchair & Car Dimensions

Entrance height:115cmm
Wheelchair Spot: Height: 130 cm | Width: 72 cm |Length: 96 cm

Overall Vehicle Dimensions:
Height: 187 cm | Width: 173 | Length: 477 cm

It's important that you measure the wheelchair person sitting in their wheelchair from ground level to the top of their head to ensure this vehicle is the right dimensions for them.

Nissan Serena Engine and Economy

This fourth generation Serena has a 2L 4 Cylinder MR20 petrol engine. The 4 Cylinder gave this model an improved acceleration and aided in helping reduce vehicle emissions. The transmission is CVT which aids in increasing fuel efficiency. It also has an eco idling stop feature and travels around 15.4 km/L.

Warranty Options & After Sales Support

All our quality wheelchair vehicles come standard with a 3 month/5,000km warranty. Extended warranties of 1, 3 or 5 years are available upon request.

Buying your wheelchair access vehicle from Integrity is not the end of the journey. No matter what questions you have now, or down the road, we’re always here to help.

We are more than happy to assist you in finding the right vehicle to suit your needs so please feel free to contact us with any question about this or any other vehicle on our website or for a no obligations test drive. You won’t be disappointed.

We deliver Australia wide.

Opening hours Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.
Appointments are available on the weekends - 1300 935 222.
Colour: White
Odometer: 103,629km
Body: Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle
Video Available
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