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Our modified vehicles advertised for sale are made specifically for disability access in mind.
  • Private and commercial use
  • Available for sale here in Australia
  • New and used existing vehicles for wheelchair car access

Choose from different wheelchair access vans and van customisations:
  • Sloping mechanism
  • Swivel chair
  • Front seat or back seat passenger options available
  • Multiple disabled access options available, i.e. two wheelchair positions available

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2003 Toyota Estima Sloper

Stock # 764
This stand out silver Estima 2003 model has been meticulously well looked after. It is a 5 seater with rear hydraulic lowering and electric ramp. Check out the photos above to see how well it presents. It has only been driven 123,050 km which for a Toyota means that it has many hundreds of thousands more km to go. We've even had a client tell us their last Toyota Hiace had over 1,000,000 km on the clock! For just $21,800 this car represents great buying. You get the welcab feature and the car for much less than a local wheelchair conversion!

This Toyota model enjoys its reputation as a spacious, versatile, and stylish family vehicle for a reason - it’s proven the test of time and continues to be a favourite for families large and small. Many buyers that visit us are looking for a wheelchair car that suits the needs of everyone.

Versatility is probably number one, with plenty of room for the wheelchair occupant, for the driver and other passengers. Comfort and ease is also a big winner, and the electronic rear ramp access makes it easy for the carer and wheelchair user to enter and exit the vehicle. Again check out the vjdeo above to see just how easy the rear welcab feature is to access.

Toyota Estima Wheelchair Feature

A big plus with this car is the rear of the Tarago Welcab lowers to the ground with a very small gradient for the wheelchair to be able to enter the car. The lightweight aluminium ramp lowers electrically so there is absolutely no lifting for the carer. The ramps are under a meter long and the floor is flat so the ramp is incredibly simple and easy to access.

It is designed to comfortably seat 5 plus a wheelchair in the rear or 6 adults. We have seen families of 3 take out the middle row of seats so the wheelchair person feels more connected to the passengers in the front row. The space where the seats were is successfully used for storage so smaller families have also loved the Tarago welcab.

Like all of our cars, this has not been modified to suit wheelchair accessibility needs after manufacture. Right from the start of the manufacturing process, this car has been designed, engineered, and custom built to suit wheelchair users and their families. Because it’s a high quality imported car, it comes with service records,

Toyota Estima Wheelchair and Car Dimensions.

Wheelchair Space:
Height: 135 cm
Length: 115 cm
Width: 75 cm

Height: 177-182 cm
Length: 475 cm
Width: 179 cm

Toyota Estima Engine, Economy & Reliability.

Toyota engines are world renown for their longevity and reliability which is why it’s the main brand we now stock. It is also a reason why Toyota has a long history of being the largest selling manufacturer in the world. If you’re after reliability for your wheelchair vehicle, you’re after a Toyota Welcab – it really is that simple.

Pricing of our factory built Japanese Toyota wheelchair and mobility vehicles is always lower than the European brands and also lower than the locally modified vans available here. Much more research and development has been done on the factory built vehicles. As well we supply vehicles that are cheaper to run and maintain.

Warranty Options & After Sales Support \

All our quality wheelchair vehicles come standard with a 3 month 5,000km warranty. Extended warranties of 1,3 or 5 years are available upon request. Australia wide delivery.

Buying your wheelchair access vehicle from Integrity is not the end of the journey. No matter what questions you have now, or down the road, we’re always here to help. Please call (02) 9981 1884 or 0408 204 425 with any question you have on this or any other vehicle on our site.

Appointments always available 7 days a week. Call us on 0408 204 425

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Colour: Silver
Odometer: 123,050km
Body: Wheelchair Vehicle
Video Available
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